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Since 2006, the firm has given away more than $195,000 in scholarships to local students. Previously, individual lawyers gave money to different organizations or other groups to help provide student scholarships. Instead of going directly to the student, however, the money went to the registrar of finance at different schools. The partners then decided to start their own scholarship program which started with 5 recipients in 2006 and $5000 to 11 recipients in 2018 and “Why don’t we start doing our own event?” he said. “It’s not a lot but it’s something.”

The event has grown to include a reception, dinner and keynote speaker. He encouraged students to jump on every opportunity. The scholarship check now goes directly to students and it’s up to their discretion how to use the money whether for books, gas or furniture.

Named scholarships were also given in honor of Dr. Edward Kallins, father of law form partner Scott Kallins, and Andrea Peters, a former law firm employee who died of complications related to arthritis.


2006 – 2018: 145 Scholarships given over the past 12 years
$195,000 TOTAL GIVEN