Injuries that result in scarring and disfigurement are unlike other injuries. Aside from the pain, disfigurement can be life-long, and psychological and social harm can accompany these losses.

While your body and skin may function, no one wants their appearance to be unpleasant to themselves or others. Embarrassment and loss of self-esteem are almost assured. Children are particularly vulnerable to physical damage as well as psychological harm.

Motorcycle accidents are the most common cause of scarring and disfigurement that we see at Kallins Little Delgado. Motorcycling is great fun, and economical. But riders have no protection in an accident, and they are very frequently “not seen” by auto drivers.

When someone is hit or otherwise is thrown from a bike, almost anything can happen. The victim may strike a hard object or surface, scrape along pavement, or be burned by gasoline. Road rash and road burn are common. Amputations of an arm, leg, finger, foot, etc., are among the serious injuries suffered.

In order to heal scars, multiple painful surgeries are often necessary. Dermabrasion is an attempt to remove foreign material embedded in the skin and heal the skin. Plastic surgery may restore use and appearance of the affected area.

Other cases we handle include incidents of medical malpractice, where surgery or another procedure has left scars unnecessarily. If you have suffered scarring or disfigurement in a burn or other injury caused by the negligence of another person or company, contact us for caring assistance.


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