Children may be injured in the same way that adults are, in car accidents and other incidents. Other times a lack of supervision at school or elsewhere results in playground accident injury or in a fight with other children. In both cases, they are more physically and emotionally vulnerable than adults. Compensation is due for their injuries when negligence is to blame.


Whether in the classroom, on the playground, or during an after-school event, teachers and administrators have a duty to avoid injury to students. Bullying has been increasingly visible in the news lately, and often physical fights occur. In rare cases weapons are used.

Getting on and off busses, and riding to and from school, kids should be safe. When they are not, our attorneys identify negligent parties and fight for the maximum compensation for physical and psychological therapies needed.


Kids are injured by defective products, dogs and other animals, and in slip-and-fall accidents. Injuries include broken bones, lacerations, and even spinal cord injury. Parents share the pain, and juries are sympathetic in such cases. Kallins, Little & Delgado demands generous compensation for these children and their families. When a child is lost in wrongful death, the parents’ suffering is terrible.


Physical injuries to children are almost always accompanied by psychological injury. Embarrassment is common, where a child misinterprets an accident, blaming him or herself. Other children may begin to perceive him or her as clumsy, or cursed with bad luck.


Our firm can advise you on the law and your case. Elements of compensation may include everything from crutches to medical procedures, to necessary appliances.


If you would like to speak with an experienced child injury attorney, contact us to schedule an appointment for an initial consultation. We are ready and prepared to answer any questions that you may have.


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