Property Division Attorneys

Any property, debts or assets that are acquired over the course of a marriage are subject to division in a divorce. The equitable division of assets is an important, and often contentious, part of any divorce and must be handled correctly to ensure that the rights of both parties are protected. If you are uncertain about the equitable division of martial assets, we can help you review your financial situation and make important decisions about your future.

At Kallins Little Delgado, our attorneys can help you determine the value of your assets, and any debts, before a divorce settlement is finalized. We will work closely with you to determine which of your assets are community property, which are separate property and what will happen to that property in a divorce. Our board-certified trial attorneys have more than three decades of family law experience.

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Equitable Distribution Attorneys

The court considers a number of factors when attempting to determine an equitable distribution of marital assets. Factors include:

  • Any owed debts by both parties
  • A prenuptial agreement
  • Standard of living of the household
  • Actual value of the assets involved
  • Earning potential and income earned by both parties
  • Tax implications
  • Value of property brought into the marriage
  • Financial situation of each party
  • Education and health care costs associated with children from the marriage

Our firm will help you prepare you for the division of assets, assist in the preparation of all necessary records and represent you in the event that your divorce goes to trial.


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