Driving under the influence carries serious penalties under Florida law and are among the most complicated misdemeanor cases. Representation by a qualified attorney will ensure that paperwork is filed and that your case is investigated thoroughly. The attorneys at Kallins Little Delgado are experienced in dealing with the complicated issues associated with a DUI defense.

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When an officer stops a motorist suspected of driving under the influence (DUI), the officer will typically ask the motorist to engage in one or more field sobriety tests (FST). There are a dozen or more physical tests that are used determine whether the driver is intoxicated by measuring coordination, balance and eye movement. Many drivers will comply with the request to perform a FST, but this can be a costly mistake.

Is a Field Sobriety Test Mandatory?

No. A driver suspected of a DUI may decline to take FST. There are a number of reasons to decline the FST. Anxiety, a small amount of alcohol and even medications can cause you to fail the FST. Even if you are entirely sober, you can fail the test. There is a downside to refusing the test, the police officer can use your refusal against you at your trial. You do have the right to refuse to take an FST under Florida law.

How We Help if You Are Charged with a DUI

Our attorneys will review the DUI arrest report to determine if the office had reason to pull you over, if proper procedures were followed and if you were informed of your rights. If you took a FST, how was it administered, and was the officer trained to conduct the test properly. We review your medical history to assess any physical impairments that could influence the test, and if the arrest was recorded by the officer we will review the video on your behalf.

For more information on Florida DUIs follow this link: http://www.flhsmv.gov/ddl/duilaws.html


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